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scratch and win cards

Scratch and Win

About The Games

As you could see our scratch and win games are special, and they are absolutely not similar to any other games of chance.
Below you can find part of the exclusive features of these scratch off cards games:

  • Only in our games you determine both the price of the ticket and the sum of the winnings. Every scratch off cards game you can choose your sum of bet from $1 to $10. The winnings are mathematical products of the price you chose.
    For example, This is a table of winnings in "the huge treasure" game:
Sum of bet You found 1 treasure You found 2 treasures You found 3 treasures You found 4 treasures
Your bet is $1 *0.25= $0.25 *2= $2 *7.5= $7.5 *300= $300
Your bet is $4 *0.25= $1 *2= $8 *7.5= $30 *300= $1,200
Your bet is $10 *0.25= $2.5 *2= $20 *7.5= $75 *300= $3,000
  • All the other gaming web-sites (and lottery firms also) use series of scratch off tickets, i.e. the software makes series which contains a little amount of winning tickets. This amount and the specific tickets were determined by the system in advance. That's why in most cases you bet on a ticket which doesn't contain any prize. It doesn't depend on your play at all. Moreover in most cases the winning tickets might be taken already but you don't know that!
  • As opposed to the others, at the scratch and win games are planned in absolutely different way to win instant money . Every game and every scratch off ticket contains the objects you are looking for (treasure boxes etc.). It means that in every game you could win the big prize.
    That's why you don't have to believe us, you can calculate yourself the winning statistics of the games.
    It's all in your hands. Just guess correctly and win instant money with this game of chance!
  • In other gaming web-sites you can never know if the odds in the demo playing are as same as the odds in real playing. In fact much of them are biased.
  • Due to Our games' concept this kind of bias is impossible. As you can see at the end of every game the treasure boxes are existing. What you see in the demo playing is what you get in the real playing.
  • We give you the best odds (on this kind of games) all over the web!
  • Our total real payout on these scratch and win games is more than 90%.