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Payment Options

Paying by Credit/Debit Card is the fastest and easiest way to make deposits on the web.
No matter where are you from, You can deposit money in using the most popular Credit/Debit cards: Visa , Mastercard , American Express
If you'd like to deposit money to your account please go to the cashier lobby. Now, click on the deposit icon and follow the instructions. Please fill in the appropriate information.
Approved transactions will be credited to your TreasureOnNet account immediately (you could see it in your "bank balance") so you can begin to enjoy the games right away.

Important: Other methods available also, to learn more please contact us:
The system will charge your account for every game
according to the sum you choose to bet.
Minimum single deposit: $25
Maximum deposit: $1,000 each 24 hour period
Please remember that all credits are purchased in US funds, (1 credit = $1.00 US Dollar).

Our financial transactions are made by MultiCards, powered by
Please consult with your credit card company for any additional fees associated with purchases on the Internet.

Security: All banking transactions are made through 128-bit encrypted communication. Our transaction servers are certified by Thawte using SSL Certificates

Cashout Options

Identity Verification: In order to ensure that payouts go to those who rightfully deserve them, you may be requested to sign and send by fax a declaration. In some cases you may be requested to send a copy of your identity document or passport. If we require documentation, we will contact you with the request.

For security reasons, if it's possible (depends on the type of the credit card) payments are made firstly by crediting the maximum amount possible to your credit card. Additional winnings will be sent as follows. Please Note: We can only credit back to the same card(s) used to make the deposit(s) to your account.


  • Bonuses are given for playing and winning, but they can not be withdrawn.
    Therefore if you have got a bonus and you ask for withdrawal (of curse in case of winning) the bonus amount will be reduced from the total sum.

  • The withdrawal amounts are limited to the net winning of the player.
    Net winnings = Total winnings - Total bet amounts.

    You can draw your winnings from your account in two ways:

  • Check (by mail)
  • Wire Transfer

    If you want to withdraw your winnings please go to the "cashier lobby" and click on the cashout icon.
    In the headline you can prefer between the two alternatives. Please fill in the required information.

    Check (by mail)

    Min sum for doing cashout: $150
    Check preparing fee: $25

    Checks will take an approximate 2 weeks to process, and a further 2-3 weeks for delivery, as it is being mailed from abroad.

    You may request to have your check sent via FedEx. There is additional fee of $30 for using this method. Please ensure you contact our Support Team as soon as possible after making your cash out to request this payment method.

    Wire transfer

    Min sum for doing cashout: $150
    Wire transfer fee: 30$ per transaction.

    It takes 7 banking days to process a wire transfer.