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Scratch Cards

A scratch cards (also known as a scratch off, instant win, scratch off ticket, scratcher, scratchie or scratch game) is a small token or card, usually made of cardboard, with one or more areas containing hidden information that is concealed by a substance which cannot be seen through but can be scratched off. Although the main use of scratch cards is to conceal prizes in instant win games, scratch cards can also be used to conceal Personal Identification Numbers for telephone calling cards and other prepaid services. Scratch cards are also known as In some cases, the entire area needs to be scratched off to reveal whether a prize has been won or to reveal the secret code and the result for the cardholder doesn't change based on which portions of the card (or ticket) are scratched off. In other cases, such as in a quiz or in an instant win scratch card game, selected areas have to be scratched off in order to find the right answer or a treasure chest and win prizes and whether one wins or loses, depends on which areas are scratched off. Generally, in these cases, the scratch card becomes invalid if too many areas are scratched off but if someone loses, they can scratch all areas to see if, how and how and what prizes they would have won with this scratch card.

Scratch Cards Origin

The original scratch card game tickets were created using manual randomization techniques. In 1974, an American company, Scientific Games Corporation produced the first computer generated instant win lottery game and in 1987, a Rhode Island company, Astro-Med.Inc received a U.S. patent for an instant scratch-off lottery ticket.

Play Scratch Cards

Simple scratch cards require players to match a number, often three, of the same prize amounts and they win prizes, if they accomplish this. More sophisticated scratch tickets have several different ways of winning on one ticket. There are also scratch cards which require the player to match symbols, pictures or words and scratch cards which are based on adaptations of popular games such as Monopoly or Blackjack or based on major sporting themes such as Major League Baseball and the World Cup. Next: Scratch cards' popularity and high odds of winning