How to play instant win games and win prizes

TreasureOnNet offers 7 different instant win games with all of them providing the chance to win big money online. There are two categories of instant win games: scratch cards and guess screens. Here is a beginner's guide to TreasureOnNet's online instant win games.

Scratch card games

Big Chance

This is one of our scratch card games and the simplest of them all. You simply choose how much you want to spend on your scratch card which directly influences how much your instant win will be, For instance, if you choose a scratch card bet of $1, if you find one treasure chest you earn $0.25, 2 treasure chests $2.5 and if you find 3 treasure chests, you win $20 of easy cash. Afterwards, you click on the squares where you think the treasure chests will be and press to reveal what is behind them.

This is a really easy game to play with instant results!

4 X 4 Journey

In this scratch and win game, there are four tables each containing four squares, one of which contains an instant win treasure chest. You choose how much you want to spend on your bet which as in Big Chance, directly influences the sum of your instant win prize. Taking the example of a $1 bet, if you find one treasure chest, you earn $0.25, 2 treasure chests $2, 3 $4.8 and for finding four treasure chests, you earn $40. Not bad for playing a game for a minute or two.

This again is a very easy game to play which require clicking on the squares that you may think contain the treasure chests to reveal if you will win anything. This is a more intense game than Big Chance as you have to find four treasure chests in four tables which makes it more exciting.

Huge Treasure

Huge Treasure contains 16 squares, behind which are hidden 4 treasure chests which will give you an instant win prize if you find them. Again, the choice on how much to spend on your scratch card ticket is entirely yours, which of course influences the amount of your potential instant win. With a $1 bet, you can win $0.25 for finding 1 treasure chest, $2 for 2, $7 for 3 and the huge easy win prize of $300 for finding 4 treasure chests.

As in the previous games, this game requires clicking on the squares where you think the treasure chests would be to reveal if you win anything. This game is exciting as the thought of winning $300 if you guess the correct location of 4 treasure chests made it very intense.

All of TreasureOnNet's scratch card games are very quick and simple to play. You don't have to download anything, just register an account, choose your bet and scratch away. The colorful graphics and vivid images also add to the excitement with each game having a different image for the squares that don't contain treasure chests. There are very clear instructions on how to play although the scratch games are pretty self-explanatory.

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